Visit Athleta September 14th – September 18th and receive 25% off your purchase during their Friends and Family Event!


Join Athleta throughout September as they welcome Avant Yoga as the host for their Wednesday fitness classes. The classes are held at 5:30 pm in the vacant space across from the store.

Avant Yoga’s class description:
Giving yourself permission to be gentle with your body and your mind.
“Permission to pause”
Relax your body and your mind with gentle yoga and mindfulness.
Learn techniques that will include breath work, visualization, and body movement.
We will be exploring each week
1. Breath work meditation  ~ keeping us in the present moment.
2. Intention meditation ~Energy flows where energy goes ~ clearing the mental path and become empowered in your life.
3. Guided Awareness Meditation with Aromatherapy ~ effective for relaxation and getting calm, and for cultivating positive emotions like gratitude and compassion.
4. Visualization chakra meditation ~ a journey into self-discovery.

Allow the rest and relaxation to happen easily and find the BALANCE that can restore you. Let’s take time to nurture and find more calm in everything we do.