Santa is at River Park Square November 17th through December 24th.

Parking is available at the River Park Square parking garage. Simply park and take the escalator to the street level Atrium to have your picture taken with Santa and enjoy the sparkle of the 50-foot Christmas tree.


Paws and Claus: bring your cat, dog or other domestic pet to tell Santa their Christmas wishes and have their picture taken!

For more information about photos with Santa, please call Concierge at (509) 363-0304.

Friday, Nov 17 7PM 9PM Thursday, Dec 7 11AM 8PM
Saturday, Nov 18 11AM 8PM Friday, Dec 8 11AM 8PM
Sunday, Nov 19 11AM 6PM Saturday, Dec 9 10AM 8PM
Monday, Nov 20 11AM 8PM Sunday, Dec 10

*Paws & Claws





Tuesday, Nov 21 11AM 8PM Monday, Dec 11 11AM 8PM
Wednesday, Nov 22 11AM 8PM Tuesday, Dec 12 11AM 8PM
Thursday, Nov 23 Thanksgiving Closed Wednesday, Dec 13 11AM 8PM
Friday, Nov 24 10AM 8PM Thursday, Dec 14 11AM 8PM
Saturday, Nov 25 10AM 8PM Friday, Dec 15 10AM 8PM
Sunday, Nov 26 11AM 6PM Saturday, Dec 16 10AM 8PM
Monday, Nov 27 11AM 8PM Sunday, Dec 17 10AM 7PM
Tuesday, Nov 28 11AM 8PM Monday, Dec 18 10AM 8PM
Wednesday, Nov 29 11AM 8PM Tuesday, Dec 19 10AM 8PM
Thursday, Nov 30 11AM 8PM Wednesday, Dec 20 10AM 8PM
Friday, Dec 1 11AM 8PM Thursday, Dec 21 10AM 8PM
Saturday, Dec 2 11AM 8PM Friday, Dec 22 10AM 8PM
Sunday, Dec 3 11AM 6PM Saturday, Dec 23 10AM 8PM
Monday, Dec 4 11AM 8PM Sunday, Dec 24 9AM 5PM
Tuesday, Dec 5 11AM 8PM Monday, Dec 25 Christmas Closed
Wednesday, Dec 6 11AM 8PM